The View From Mexico Of Mexican Immigrants:
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Veteran war correspondent Fred Reed is one of those manly fellows, like actor John Wayne, who finds life in Mexico more to his taste than life in America. So, Fred moved to Lake Chapala outside Guadalajara a few years ago, making him one of the very few pundits who knows Mexico and Mexicans.

Fred writes:

The Latinos coming into America are heavily Indian and uneducated. Mexican ophthalmologists do not swim the river. Mexicans who can make a decent living do not want to live in the United States. Thus the US gets the losers, the second-grade educations, people who on average have neither the intellect nor the urge to study. Yes, there are exceptions. But they are exceptions.

Everyone says, “But the Hispanics work hard.” They do indeed, in the first generation. Many people in fields such as construction have told me that the Latinos are the backbone of their operations, that blacks don’t want to work, have attitudes, show up if they feel like it and quit without warning. The Latinos work, now. Their children do terribly in school, however, drop out, and lose the desire to work. Then they join gangs.

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