The Trouble With Texas, Continued: "The Mexican Transformation Is Nearly Complete"
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A reader responds to my column in Taki's on Texas:
Mr. Sailer, 
I just read your article and, coincidentally, am back from Texas after several years away. This time I had a chance to go south of San Antonio to within about 60 miles of the Mexican border. I must say the Mexican transformation is nearly complete. If it weren't for the sporadic Texas/US flags flown every now and then, I would have told you I was in Mexico just by observing the surroundings. They had little shantytowns, dilapidated trailers, impromptu markets on the side of the road (called Mexican Wal-Marts by the locals), etc.  

In Texas, a Mexican shantytown is called a "colonia."

Mr. Cowen should consider buying some real estate down there so he can enjoy the future today. He should keep his house unlocked though because it's common down there for illegals to pass through and sometimes they need a place to sleep and will break in the doors of locked ranches to get water/food/guns/etc. If you keep the door unlocked you at least won't need to fix the frame after it's over.  
In terms of your comparison to whites wanting a large Hispanic majority to get their social spending, but not realizing that the replacement help doesn't have what it takes to produce sustaining wealth. I try explaining this idea to friends of mine and I think many of them get it except for the most diehard liberals that have never been to heavily Mexican areas (let alone even have a passport to see these places firsthand).  
I try to reduce the problem to thinking of the United States as a large company. The company grew large through the effort of the older employees, their work ethic, and their drive to work as a team. And just like a company, bad hiring practices can quickly destroy the culture and bring the whole thing down relatively quickly.  
For instance, let's imagine Microsoft adopted a new hiring policy that: 
1) Hired anyone regardless of qualifications or ability to fit into the company culture.  
2) Allowed those hired to bypass the HR department and bring in their immediate and extended family members who need a job whether qualified or not. 
3) Further allowed people to enter the building illegally, and then required HR to give them full employee benefits and not remove them. 
4) Did not remove employees even when it was obvious they were stealing, committing serious crimes, and abusing employee benefits.  
5) Stated that even though the new hires were dramatically less qualified than employees leaving/retiring from the company in terms of education and achievement, that they are going to make up the gap through sheer hiring quantity of similar employees.  
6) That any employee who objected to the new hiring practices would be threatened with punishment and fired for their opinions. 
If I was an investor that saw those things going on, what would I do? Well I'd sell the stock immediately and probably short the stock if I felt especially greedy. 
Welcome to America, Inc. I can't wait to see the quarterly reports from that company in 20 years. It is going to be ugly.
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