Tyler Cowen: 90% Of Americans Will (And Should) Have A More Bean-Centric Mexican Lifestyle
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From the Wall Street Journal:

To sum up, Mr. Cowen believes that America is dividing itself in two. At the top will be 10% to 15% of high achievers, the “Tiger Mother” kids if you like, whose self-motivation and mastery of technology will allow them to roar away into the future. Then there will be everyone else, slouching into an underfunded future of lower economic expectations, shantytowns and an endless diet of beans. I’m not kidding about the beans. 

Poor Americans, writes Mr. Cowen, will have to “reshape their tastes” and live more like Mexicans. “Don’t scoff at the beans,” he says. “With an income above the national average, I receive more pleasure from the beans, which I cook with freshly ground cumin and rehydrated, pureed chilies. Good tacos and quesadillas and tamales are cheap too, and that is one reason why they are eaten so frequently in low-income countries.”[Book Review: 'Average Is Over,' by Tyler Cowen, By Philip Delves Broughton, WSJ, Oct. 2, 2013]

I realize I'm a wacko extremist, unlike all the mainstream intellectuals like Tyler, but maybe instead of 85 or 90% of Americans living more like Mexicans, the government should try to, you know, restrict immigration?

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