The TENNESSEAN'S Michael Cass,, Chuck Baldwin, and Guilt By Syndication
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The Tennessean’s blogger Michael Cass [Email him] recently had an unusually wild “guilt by association” thing, a triple-bank shot in which was used to attack Chuck Baldwin (a “guilt-by-syndication” attack) and Baldwin was then used to attack insurgent Democrat Mark Clayton. [Democrat Mark Clayton’s last presidential vote went to Constitution Party candidate criticized for hateful views, Posted on August 17, 2012]

Mark Clayton, described by  Cass as  the “Democratic Party’s unconventional, disavowed candidate for the U.S. Senate”, failed to vote for Barack Obama in 2008. Instead, he voted for Chuck Baldwin, who was running on the Constitutionalist Ticket.

Clayton was a parishioner of Baldwin’s, attending the  Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida, where Baldwin preached until his move to Montana

But while Baldwin preaches the Gospel, The Tennessean's Cass thinks the SPLC's propaganda is gospel:

“The Southern Poverty Law Center has tagged Baldwin, a conservative Christian minister and radio host, as a promoter of hateful views. The center also has labeled Public Advocate of the United States, an organization Clayton plays a role in, as an anti-gay hate group, which was one reason for the Tennessee Democratic Party’s decision to disavow him as its Senate nominee. “Besides leading a new congregation in Kalispell (Montana) that includes well-known white supremacists Randy Weaver and April Gaede, Baldwin hosts a daily one-hour radio program, ‘Chuck Baldwin Live,’ ” the center says on its web site. “He also is a prolific writer, penning regular columns that are archived on his website and at, a racist website known for bashing immigrants. He has condemned Islam as a ‘bloody, murderous religion’ and referred to Martin Luther King Jr. as an apostate. He sympathizes with Joseph Stack, the tax protester who flew a plane into an IRS office building in 2010, killing himself and an IRS employee.” The Wall Street Journal’s web site reported in 2008 that Baldwin, a former Moral Majority official, “advocates a limited federal government, a hard-line position on immigration and an end to America’s role in the international organizations that comprise a ‘new world order.’ ” U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008 and 2012, endorsed Baldwin in 2008.”


Cass professes to think that the $PLC is a credible source, and the SPLC professes to believe that because Baldwin's syndicated columns are carried on, he's somehow guilty of whatever we're guilty of. I call this “guilt-by-syndication”, and other victims of it are Michelle Malkin, Pat Buchanan, and Tom Tancredo. None of these columnists are responsible for anything I write, or for what the others at write. People who think they are don’t understand how syndicated columns work.

"Racist" = winning argument with Leftists.

"Bashing immigrants" = opposing the Left's drive to elect a new people.

As for Clayton’s having voted for his pastor, I wonder how Barack Obama would have voted if Jeremiah  Wright, during the 20 years Obama was a member of his church, had run for President on the “God Damn America” Ticket?

"Blogger for The Tennessean" = Cultural Marxist hack

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