THE TALK Vindicated (Again): Good Samaritan Stops For Black Woman, She Steals His Truck
April 01, 2017, 11:59 AM
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THE TALK (Contd.): Here's another Samaritan story — one for that book I really must write describing the misfortunes that befall people who try to act the Good Samaritan to blacks.

This one's from Topeka, Kansas. A man, race unknown, a volunteer firefighter driving a pickup truck, stopped to help a black woman whose car had caught fire. He allowed the woman, name of Erien Knox [PICTURED], to sit in his truck while he put the fire out.

Ms Knox thereupon drove off in the truck. A trooper from Kansas Highway Patrol spotted the truck, chased it down, and arrested Ms Knox [Stranded Kansas motorist accused of stealing Samaritan's vehicle, AP, March 30, 2017]

I really should write that book.

Book? At the rate these things show up in my inbox it could end up a trilogy.