The Southern Poverty Law Center, A Fundraising Organization, Raised A Lot Of Funds During The First Year Of Trump Derangement Syndrome
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The SPLC’s 2016 fiscal year started November 1, 2016 and ended October 31, 2017 and it was a doozy. Gifts, grants, contributions, and membership fees jumped from a healthy $50 million in the year leading up to Trump’s election to almost $133 million in the 12 months of the Trump Era.

Screenshot 2018-04-22 16.04.13

As usual, Morris Dees’ minions can’t figure out what to spend all their lucre on, so it mostly piles up in the SPLCs increasingly swollen endowment, which grew 37% in one year from $328 million to almost $450 million:

Screenshot 2018-04-22 16.19.43

I don’t exactly know why the SPLC piles up such a vast endowment rather than spending it down. Presumably, there aren’t many well-heeled Klansmen left to fight (if there ever were many). Mostly, I suspect Morris just likes raising money. It’s what he does.

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