The Short Version On The Debate
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In very simple terms, the Democrats are for America pulling out of Iraq, (if they can avoid being blamed) and against Mexico pulling out of the US. But read Allan Wall's column for the full facts. And remember, if you need a transcript of that debate for your own use, it's here on [PDF]

The Associated Press: Dems Agree on Iraq, Immigration

By NEDRA PICKLER — 6 hours ago

CORAL GABLES, Fla. (AP) – Democratic White House candidates embraced Hispanic concerns in the first ever Spanish-language presidential debate, unanimously promising to bring troops home from Iraq and to begin working on immigration in their first year in office.

On the eve of a war assessment by U.S. commanding Gen. David Petraeus, the presidential hopefuls said troops should begin coming home no matter what the report says. With the moderator of the debate noting that two-thirds of Hispanics want a withdrawal from Iraq, the candidates had an ideal audience to criticize the war.

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