The Refugee Influx: Onto The Front Burner
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We at get some consolation by teasing Mark Krikorian’s CIS for its constant triangulation — trying to reap where braver operations (like us) have sown. And we have nothing but contempt for their cowardly behavior about the attacks on their progenitor John Tanton.

But in a wonkish way CIS does some good work. I have been meaning to praise their Backgrounder last month Welfare Use by Immigrant Households with Children by Steve Camarota which reported

In 2009 (based on data collected in 2010), 57 percent of households headed by an immigrant (legal and illegal) with children (under 18) used at least one welfare program, compared to 39 percent for native households with children.

Actually the real punch line here is that White native born American Welfare usage is only 33%, meaning Immigrant households are 73% more likely to use welfare than American whites - but characteristically they buried this on page 13 of their report. (Blacks are at 64.6 %.)

This month Don Barnett has produced another valuable piece for CIS: Refugee Resettlement A System Badly in Need of Review. Collins notes that the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP)

is increasingly bringing in groups that have stated openly they do not intend to assimilate into American culture. Even those groups with good intentions are coming from cultures so diverse that often little progress is made in assimilation after many years.

Think Somalis.

Very soon this is going to become a very pressing matter as the exodus from Libya accelerates:

(NewsCore) - LAMPEDUSA, Italy — The Italian coast guard rescued Sunday a boat carrying more than 450 refugees fleeing Libya, adding to a fresh wave now numbering more than 2,500 migrants who have landed on the tiny southern island of Lampedusa in the last few days.

Italian Boats Rescue 450 Migrants Fleeing Libya MyFox9.COM Sunday May1 2011

And the War drums are beating about Syria

Refugee Resettlement Watch helpfully points out that the State Department is right now looking for comments on refugee admissions for next year

Persons wishing to present written comments should submit them by 5 on Thursday, May 5, 2011 via e-mail to or fax (202) 453-9393.
As RRW puts it

Here is your chance to voice your opinion on the refugee program

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