The Purpose of the Purpose-Driven Life Revealed
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Pastor Rick Warren, author of “The Purpose Driven Life,” offers the invocation on January 20, 2009

From Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin:

Purpose in Life as a Resource for Increasing Comfort With Ethnic Diversity

Anthony L. Burrow Maclen Stanley Rachel Sumner Patrick L. Hill


Emerging demographic trends signal that White Americans will soon relinquish their majority status. As Whites’ acclimation to an increasingly diverse society is poised to figure prominently in their adjustment, identifying sources of greater comfort with diversity is important. Three studies (N = 519) revealed evidence that purpose in life bolsters comfort with ethnic diversity among White adults. Specifically, dispositional purpose was positively related to diversity attitudes and attenuated feelings of threat resulting from viewing demographic projections of greater diversity. In addition, when primed experimentally, purpose attenuated participants’ preferences for living in an ethnically homogeneous-White city, relative to a more diverse city when shown maps displaying ethno-demographic information. These effects persisted after controlling for positive affect and perceived connections to ethnic out-groups, suggesting the robust influence of purpose. Potential benefits of situating purpose as a unique resource for navigating an increasingly diverse society are discussed.

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