The Progressive Populist and Immigration
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Wayne O'Leary writes in The Progressive Populist :

Large-scale immigration allows corporations to enforce their economic will, keeping populations on the move, wages low, and profits high; if Americans, for example, won't do the work at the right price, there are always others who will.

So, a new immigration policy that controls US borders and slows both the legal and illegal influx from abroad is essential for, among other things, the long-range well-being of American workers. A bogus reform that merely confers a blanket amnesty on the undocumented population won't be sufficient. We tried that in 1986, when three million resident illegal aliens were absorbed in a "onetime" amnesty supposed to be followed by firmly enforced rules and regulations for future legal entry. Twenty years later, it's déj? vu all over again, this time with an estimated 12 million resident illegals instead of 3 million.

We are starting to see a division among Progressives and leftists on immigration, it isn't as heated or sharp as the division within the Republican party-but it is very real. I don't think this issue will go away. I can easily imagine the GOP loosing control of congress and presidency in 2006 and 2008 largely because of the insanity of the McCain/Kennedy/Bush immigration proposals. If the Democrats regain some political authority the faith of many Americans in the entire political process could be seriously shaken. Perhaps it should be. If we had proportional representation in the US, we'd hear a lot more from the kinds of folks that write for the Progressive Populist—and places like VDARE.COM—and a lot less from fools like McCain, Kennedy and Bush.

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