Senator Sessions No Likey The Pence-Hutchison Plan
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Jeff Sessions, my sweetie-pie Senator from Alabama, says the new Pence-Hutchison plan is garbage and must not pass.

Here is an excerpt from his latest opinion editorial in the Washington Times:

"This plan swallows hook, line and sinker the idea that as long as there is a foreign worker wanting to come to America, and an American company that wants to hire the individual, the foreign worker should be admitted, allowed to work and put on a path to citizenship. This concept violates the principle followed by every other nation in the world, that immigration policy should be based on the needs of the nation, not the desires of those that want low-cost labor."

[Reform the immigration debate by Jeff Sessions, Washington Times August 2, 2006]

Yes indeed, my favorite Southern man (well, my husband is my favorite Southern man but Sessions holds a close second place) is sticking to his guns and keeping everybody focused on what's really happening here: Greedy business importing cheap labor, displacing American workers and sending the bill to the taxpayer.

For more info on the Pence-Hutchison Plan see my recent column.

Maybe the forthcoming election will bring in some new blood—politicians from the Sessions school of thought as opposed to....well, the yellow-belly, wishy-washy, political whores who seem to dominate the scene today.

My fingers are crossed...

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