The Post-Racial Age of Obama in Action
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Washington D.C. is having a mayor's race between incumbent Adrian Fenty and City Councilman Vince Gray. I think it totally fulfills the promise of the Postracial Obama Age that black majority Washington D.C. now has two white guys running for mayor, and nobody has even mentioned it!

On the left is a picture of D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty, whose ancestors came from the same planet as Vin Diesel's. (By the way, have you ever noticed how Vin Diesel looks like Jerry Seinfeld — not in pictures, so much, but when he's talking?)

In the pictures on the right is challenger Vince Gray. As you can see, the only thing black about the 67-year-old Gray is his hair color.

And then there's the mayor of Cleveland, Frank G. Jackson, who, in a previous career, was the white Marxist intellectual behind a Latin American indigenous peasant uprising, or at least that's what he looks like.
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