Rob Sanchez Says Phooey To Gov. Jan Brewer's Brain Freeze
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By now all of you have seen news reports on Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s brain freeze during a televised debate. (See videos and an article here.) I’m being deluged with email about the incident, so I feel compelled to say something.

First and most important: Brewer's brain freeze won't change the results of the election—much to the disappointment of the Democrats.

It’s important to keep a few realities of the U.S. political system in perspective — most of the voting public doesn’t have any idea what happens in debates, nor do they care. Even if Democratic challenger Terry Goddard follows through by making a mean-spirited TV ad, and you can bet he will, most people that vote in Arizona are older and Republican, and they all know how easy it is for the mind to go blank occasionally.

Brewer is popular with Democrats because she is a status quo tax-and-spender and Republicans like her because she signed SB 1070. She would have to make much bigger blunders than this to lose this election.

I watched the entire debate. Except for that one moment, Brewer held her own. For the most part, Goddard looked like a bad little boy getting lectured by his mommy.

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