The Politics Of Racial Resentment
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A guy named Arturo in Kansas City has criticized Pat Buchanan for wanting the GOP to push what he calls "racial resentment." I think Pat would call it something different, but even so, what's wrong with the politics of "racial resentment?" They worked very well for Barack Obama. In fact, they got him elected President. Surely Arturo doesn't object to that, does he?

Buchanan wants GOP to push racial resentment
By Arturo Mora, Kansas City Star Midwest Voices columnist 2009
Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan thinks the Republican path to victory is to paint Democrats as favoring minorities. Despite the most optimistic claims that all is well now, race is a sensitive issue Americans continue to struggle with. The last thing this country needs is a resurgence of the politics of racial bitterness.
For the second straight day, yesterday on the Rachel Maddow Show, Buchanan spewed his venom. He claimed Republicans missed a major opportunity during the Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearings to make the point that she was an ”affirmative action nominee,” and Democrats back affirmative action policies that hurt whites, especially white males.
Putting aside that the man is an ideological dinosaur likely to be ignored by party leaders, this would be unfortunate trip back in political time. The late conservative guru Lee Atwater himself acknowledged–after the horse had left the barn, of course–both the moral and political failings of seeking to divide and conquer Americans by pitting race against race.[More]

Two questions:

  • Wasn't Lee Atwater right about Willie Horton when he won the election, and wrong when he said he shouldn't have done it?
  • Why is a guy named Arturo the Midwest Voices columnist?
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