The Pan American Games and Steve Sailer
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The 2011  Pan American Games recently concluded in Guadalajara, Mexico. There were  6,003 athletes from 42 teams from the Western Hemisphere competing.  The Pan Am Games, held every 4 years, constitute the largest multi-sport competition outside of the Summer Olymnpics.

Although there was concern beforehand about security, given Mexico's ongoing drug cartel war, the
Pan Am Games went smoothly.  Mexico's athletes did well, winning 42 gold medals when the goal had been to attain 24.  

In the overall medal count, the top five teams were, in order of medals won,   the U.S.A., Cuba, Brazil, Mexico and Canada.

You can read my column on the Pan Am Games here.

Steve Sailer has pointed out the superiority of West African-descended runners in races from 100 to 400 meters.  Most blacks in this hemisphere are West African-descended.

So I looked at the results here of the men's 100, 200 and 400 meter races.   The winners were:

  • 100 meters:  Gold: Lerone Clarke, Jamaica.  Silver: Kim Collins, St. Kitts and Nevis.  Bronze: Emmanuel Callendar of the nation of  Trinidad and Tobago.
  • 200 meters:   Gold: Roberto Skyers, Cuba.   Silver:  Lansford Spence, Jamaica.  Bronze: Bruno de Barros, Brazil.
  • 300 meters:  Gold: Nery Brenes, Costa Rica.  Silver:  Luguelin Santos, Dominican Republic.  Bronze: Ramon Miller, Bahamas.

 I looked up the photo of each and every  one of these individuals.  With two exceptions, all the winners appear at first glance to be  of West African stock. 

 Santos (400 meters silver) of the Dominican Republic looks mulatto.   The Brazilian de Barros (200 meters bronze) is the one who looks the least black,  but his racial appearance also  depends on the particular photograph.  My impression is that  Bruno de Barros is  mulatto.

My conclusion:  Steve Sailer is right.


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