The NYC-Based Megaphone On Interracial Violence: Listen Up, Ferguson Was Plan A; Staten Island Is Plan B; New York Is Plan Never ... Because We Live Here!
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Since August, the New York-based news media was convulsed with news flashes from the most important city in the world, Ferguson, Missouri.

After all, what’s the worst that could happen if the Administration and prestige press in Manhattan and D.C. spend months egging on violent criminals in the St. Louis area?

Some white guy in St. Louis gets hammered to death?

That’s just collateral damage, well within acceptable parameters.

Only after the humiliating collapse of the Ferguson chapter of The Narrative did New York media attention shift from the August death of Michael Brown in Ferguson to the July death of Eric Garner in New York City Staten Island.

Okay, technically, Staten Island is part of New York City and is policed by the NYPD, but in terms of status, it’s just some weird chunk of Jersey that somehow got agglomerated in with New York.

So, let’s focus, people: Eric Garner died in Staten Island.

You know how there are bridge and tunnel people? Well people who live in Staten Island aren’t even bridge and tunnel people. You have to take a ship to Manhattan like you are some poor huddled Ellis Island immigrant in 1902. It looked romantic in Working Girl but it gets old fast.

So, don’t misinterpret the latest installment of The Narrative and go running amok assassinating cops in Brooklyn where nice people live. Granted, Bed-Stuy isn’t the nice part of Brooklyn … yet. But there are plans.

So, ix-nay on the Y-Nay.


Because we live here!

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