The Multicultural Method to Resolve a Traffic Accident isn’t to Exchange Insurance Information, but to Beat, Rob, and Shoot to Death People in the Other Car
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The Texas reader who sent this story remarked,

Why do blacks and browns close out every weekend with a bang?

Note the “reporter’s” misrepresentation: “After a dispute over a traffic accident led to a shooting.”

There was no dispute. That makes it sound like a two-way street, with moral equivalence, say, “The guy driving car A hit car B, and the driver from car B shot him. But according to police, all of the bad acts were caused by assailants in car A, while all the suffering was endured by people in car B. Car A hit car B, tried to rob a rider from car B, and beat the hell out of and murdered said rider.

So, what’s the deal now? If you’re a law-abiding citizen, you have to pay insurance for your car, and for black and Hispanic deadbeats, and when a minority thug hits your car, you have to give up on civilized accident resolution, because he might murder you, and eat the cost of the repairs? Then why bother paying for insurance, in the first place?

Oh, and by the way: A more accurate headline, instead of “Man shot, killed after southeast Oak Cliff accident,” would be Man Hits Car, Attacks Driver, Kills Passenger.

Man shot, killed after southeast Oak Cliff accident

By Melissa Repko

[email protected]

01 December 2013 10:57 P.M.; updated at 10:57 P.M.

Dallas Morning News

An Arlington 17-year-old was charged with capital murder Saturday after a dispute over a traffic accident led to a shooting in southeast Oak Cliff, police say. A second suspect, who is a juvenile, was also in custody.

Jose Martinez and the juvenile were arrested after Andrew Olguin, 19, of Grand Prairie was shot about 11:15 p.m. in the 2500 block of Givendale Road, near South Lancaster Road. Olguin died after he was taken to a nearby hospital.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit, Martinez was driving when he hit a Chevrolet Impala that Olguin was riding in.

Martinez began arguing [cursing] with Olguin and told him he had a gun, the affidavit says. After Martinez returned to his car, the Impala’s driver knocked on his window to try to exchange insurance information.

Martinez, the juvenile suspect and three others from Martinez’s car began assaulting Olguin, who had stepped in to help the Impala’s driver, the affidavit says. Martinez allegedly pointed a gun at the Impala’s driver and pulled the trigger, but it did not fire.

The juvenile suspect took the gun and tried to rob Olguin before shooting him repeatedly, the affidavit says.

Martinez and the juvenile suspect were taken into custody after fleeing in their car.

The three other passengers from Martinez’s car drove away in the Impala, the affidavit says. They were not identified by police.

Martinez is being held at the Dallas County jail with bail set at $500,000.

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