The MSM Reads The Gallup Poll And Misses The Point
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The latest USA Today/CNN Gallup poll was released earlier this week and the President received a 37% approval rating—the lowest since his election in 2000 and a staggering 50 points below the 87% approval he held in November 2001.

Gee...that sounds like it should mean something but once again the MSM put their talent to the task and came up empty. Ooooh, a bunch of people think Bush is doing a bad job and we have a poll that proves it so take that, Mr. President!! You better shape up or....or...wait a minute.

Good grief, Bush II could have an approval rating of .000001% that would drop to 0% if you excluded his parents and so what? Unless the Oval Office has the ability to somehow magically seal itself from Presidents with low approval ratings, the numbers just don't matter.

Hmm...but that which seems obvious to most living creatures (and I am including algae) tends to surprise the serial journalists of the 24 hour news racket so naturally, the MSM is all about the fact, they don't even bother to report the rest of the results.

In the Gallup report, the President was also given an approval rating for his performance in specific areas such as education, federal spending and immigration—these are the statistics that matter, my friends.

According to poll results, this is how 1066 people rated the President on policy matters:

(Disapproval ratings )

Terrorism 49% Overall job approval 60% The economy 61% The situation in Iraq 63% Controlling federal spending 71% Immigration 65%

The two issues with the highest disapproval rates were federal spending and immigration.

Hmm...Bush II has the lowest approval ratings of his career...65% of the people say they disapprove of his performance on immigration issues. It would seem to me that Americans are fed up with politicians who ignore the problems of illegal immigration and if Bush II was facing re-election, he would surely lose.

As it is, Bush is not facing re-election...but some politicians are.

Americans sent a pretty strong message in this poll—even if the MSM won't report it.

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