Taki's New Top Drawer
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Our friend Taki Theodoracopulos has just launched a personal website, Taki's Top Drawer, at takistopdrawer.us.

This will feature years of Taki archives, (Taki writes a lot) and more unacceptable opinions.

Unacceptable to whom, you ask? David Frum, for one. Also, at one point, the British Government, whose Diversity Directorate had him investigated by Scotland Yard for writing that, after some two teenage girls were shot dead in Birmingham, England, that "Oh boy, was Enoch—God rest his soul—ever right!" and also that

"Only a moron would not surmise that what politically-correct newspapers refer to as 'disaffected young people' are black thugs, sons of black thugs and grandsons of black thugs."

However, his opinions are likely to be pretty acceptable to VDARE.com readers, so here are a few samples, for your entertainment pleasure:

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