The Miami Escape: "Masters Of The Universe" Move South
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From the New York Times:

Join Us in Miami! Love, Masters of the Universe
Silicon Valley techies and Wall Street titans have bought homes and moved businesses there in the pandemic, coaxed by an eager mayor.

By Nellie Bowles
Jan. 29, 2021

MIAMI —America’s business leaders, freed from the office, looked around the country, taking note of its coronavirus lockdowns, taxes and rabble rousers. And many said as if in unison: Miami!

Blackstone Group: Miami!

Elliott Management: Miami!

Silicon Valley venture capitalists: Miami!

And the charming mayor, Francis X. Suarez, a registered Republican, knowing he had an especially easy sell at the moment, said: Welcome.

As tech leaders have decamped from San Francisco and Wall Street titans from New York, many have spread across the country to locations with sun, lower taxes and — preferably — more relaxed lockdowns. Coming from places run by progressive governments that were sometimes openly antagonistic toward local elites, many were thrilled to move to towns that seemed to want them more.

Some chose Austin, Texas. Others gravitated to Boulder, Colo. But perhaps the most vocal faction came to Miami.

My guess is that Miami is not a good fit culturally for tech guys, but it increasingly has its advantages. The Latino political leadership doesn’t take African-American complaints seriously. And, while the Latin muy macho and the muy whatever the feminine equivalent of macho gender roles aren’t ideal for tech guys, they are at least saner and funner than transmania.

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