The Manchurian Ex-Billionaire
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In the Slate Fray, "Podesta" comments:
"I suspect that Saletan is another Steve Sailer brain-washee. For those not aware, Sailer, a failed journalist, is the main purveyor of racist pseudoscience on the Internet. He charms his targets to the extent they lose the common sense required to check up on him and his sources before adopting his beliefs."

Why, yes, I do possess brain-washing powers. (And, as Podesta notes, oodles of charm.)

But why would I waste them on a moderately-compensated scribe like William Saletan when there are riper targets like, say, Saletan's old boss or my new best friend, Carlos Slim? I don't want to spill any beans, but let's just say that when Forbes brings out its next ranking of the world's richest men, there's going be a little surprise at the top

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