The Lost Latinos Of Orlando
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A megaphone is a poor instrument for nuance. So, the Establishment megaphone  can only vibrate to at most, two messages in response to Orlando. Guns = Bad. Gays = Good. Even Anderson Cooper can keep that narrative straight. Especially since he’s gay and knows less about firearms than I know about String Theory.

We all experience the complete breakdown between what we see before our eyes and the ludicrous explanations we endure the establishment and it’s media. This terror attack by a Muslim must not be seen as such, not even when he calls 911 to pledge his oath to the Caliphate. Our eyes must be diverted from the Muslim killer to his victims. But his victims must only be seen as gay.

From the gay angle of the reporting you would never guess that thirty-six of the forty-eight victims were Latino. That number doesn’t encompass those wounded, whose names haven't been announced, but they are presumably  mostly Latino as well.(Google allows us to quantify the emphasis in online reportage: a search for "Orlando Shootings + gay" = 2,310,000 hits on Google. "Orlando Shootings + Hispanic" = 165, 000 hits.)

My strong suspicion is that the keepers of the narrative in the newsrooms don’t want American Latinos to see this as an attack on them. But it was.

The Pulse nightclub website is down, with a simple memorial message. Picking through random coverage, it seems the shooter chose to attack on Salsa Night., describes The Pulse as a dance and drinks venue catering to the “college age crowd.” It’s not Salsa Night every night.

The Muslim killer is beyond questioning. That doesn’t absolve us of the necessity of reconstructing his motives and impulses. As much as Don Lemon or Anderson Cooper might wish to obfuscate, Islam is a violently anti-homosexual religion. Latin American Christian culture, though macho, is much less intolerant of effeminacy, especially among people who are openly so.

As our burgeoning Latino-Hispanic population rubs shoulders with our equally out of control Muslim population, things will get heated. Let's remember that Latinos have no fond memories of the Moors, Turks etc. and no guilt complexes either.

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