The Logical Conclusion to Ending White Privilege: Black Lives Matter-Inspired Racial Attack on White Male in Aurora, Colorado
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What do you think are the consequences of the endless promotion of the Black Lives Matter canard? Even those lacking the quality of perspicacity can see it coming from a mile away. If white people are responsible for the state and quality of life for non-white people, logically then all white people must be punished for this sin.


Because ultimately the phrase “Black Lives Matter” logically means “White Lives Don’t Matter.”

Aurora Police arrested a man suspected of stabbing another man after yelling “Black lives matter” Tuesday evening near East Alameda Avenue and South Sable Boulevard.

Steve Sinclair, 30, now faces potential first-degree murder and hate crime charges, documents show.

An arrest affidavit says Sinclair used a knife to stab 29-year-old Michael Conner who was transported to the hospital for his injuries and a collapsed lung. Conner, a white male, told police while at the hospital that Sinclair, a Black male, shouted “Black lives matter!” prior to stabbing him, according to the report.

It’s unclear from the report what may have led up to the incident, but police say witnesses saw Sinclair walk up to Conner and said, “I’m going to kill you and your dog.” One witness said Conner tried to run away and defended himself with a stick.

Sinclair continued saying, “Black lives matter” to police when they arrived according to the first officer on scene. That officer wrote that Sinclair had his hands up and said “I stabbed him, I’m a psychopath,” refused to sit down and “insisted” that officers should shoot him. He was arrested without incident according to the report.

Sinclair is being held at the Arapahoe County Jail on suspicion of attempted first-degree murder and a bias-motivated crime causing bodily injury. His first court appearance is 9 a.m. Thursday.

Man accused of attempted murder and hate crime yelled ‘Black lives matter’ before stabbing, police say: The man asked responding officers if “Black lives mattered” and said “I stabbed him, I’m a psychopath,” according to a police report,, August 27, 2020


When black people are exposed to this concept of unrelenting white supremacy/white racism/white privilege/implicit bias/systemic racism/legacy of Jim Crow is solely responsible for holding them down, what do you think is going to happen?

Because ultimately the phrase “Black Lives Matter” logically means “White Lives Don’t Matter.”

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