The Left Attacks Bill Clinton's Sex Crimes Now That Clintons Have No Power—But They Defended Him When It Mattered
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Riffing back on my piece about the forgotten scandals of Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd, the blotto molesters of the 80s, note what is now happening: Of a sudden, the Democrats admit they should have come down harder on Bill Clinton for his sordid sexual habits.

At Hot Air,  Allahpundit is having none of it, and he’s right:

[T]he stench of opportunism is so thick, it’s suffocating. Only now, 20 years later, with the Clintons at the nadir of their political influence and a storm of sexual misconduct allegations in the media raging against left- and right-wingers alike to provide cover — only now is it safe to say, “Yeah, in hindsight, that wasn’t very woke of us”? Democrats had an opportunity just 18 months ago to reckon with Bill’s behavior and Hillary’s enabling of it by denying her their party’s nomination and they punted again. There’s not a right-winger from coast to coast who believes this sudden moment of candor about Bill’s scumbaggery would be nearly as candid if he and Hillary were in the White House today, assuming the moment came at all. Despite proudly proclaiming themselves the party of feminism, most Democrats would have approached it the same way most Republican voters approached the sexual assault allegations against Trump and the same way most Alabama Republican voters will approach the allegations against Roy Moore — the party simply has too much invested in this particular person to believe the accusations against him, no matter how credible. The women are lying because they have to be lying. Our hold on power depends upon it.

But now that Democrats’ investment in Bill and Hillary has tanked and a reappraisal of Bill’s character is costless, it’s a free-fire zone. In fact, reappraising Bill is better than costless for them. It reclaims some moral ground from which they can rightly pressure Trump about his own accusers. At last, the moment when Bill Clinton’s degeneracy is something of an asset to the left has arrived. Yglesias, at least, tries to find grounds for the reassessment in his own personal maturation.

Please, Democrats, no more op-eds about how terribly Bill Clinton behaved 20 years after it mattered, Hot Air, November 15, 2017

Others have made the same point: Only now, when the powerless Clintons can’t hurt them, are liberals willing to denounce Clinton. And I would add, still not a word about Ted Kennedy’s killing a girl and trying to cover it up, and party chieftains and voters encouraging him not just to continue in the Senate, but to run for president. Thank God for Roger Mudd.

Another of the famous molesters the Democrats let off the hook was pederast Gerry Studds, the Democrat homosexual congressman from Massachusetts who stayed in Congress 14 years after he was caught sodomizing a boy on Capitol Hill. And then there was Barney Frank and his male prostitute.

Speaking of perverts, what is it with Joe Biden? The man is all hands, I knew, but I didn’t realize his habit of inappropriately fondling and pushing into the personal space of women and girls was such a problem until I saw this compilation at Twitchy. Even Hillary Clinton, wrote the author of the Tweets, wasn’t safe from Biden’s unwanted grabtastic hands.

One problem with all this outrage over powerful men acting like cads or worse: For 50 years, feminists have been selling sexual “freedom” as a form of “liberation” for women, telling them, and men such as Harvey Weinstein, that women can have sex whenever and wherever and with whomever they want, no “slut-shaming,” as it is now called, allowed. Pregnancy? Shouldn’t be a problem with pills or rubbers. But if they fail, no problem. Women have the right to kill their children. Meanwhile, the porn, media and entertainment industries sent this message: women are available for the taking.

And they’re surprised that freaks like Weinstein acted on their impulses?


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