The Kvetcher: On The Money, again
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The Kvetcher (a.k.a. David Kelsey), in his unswerving search for a peaceful life, has posted on The Two-Front War How Together, the American Jewish Left and Right Endanger the U.S. November 10,2009 has previously chronicled his Immigration-skeptic Jewcy articles here)

This time our friend puts forward the interesting proposition:

The Jewish communal infrastructure has sought to seek a balance between the larger Jewish Left and the more active Jewish Right. That balance has traditionally been to adopt and promote the foreign policies of the Jewish Right, and the domestic policies of the Jewish Left. Both the Jewish Left and the Jewish Right think they are fighting the good fight. But together, they are fighting American interests.

This immediately produced an appealing comment from one mobius1ski

Just go write for vdare or already

After that, a violent brawl broke out, unfortunately all too instructive for outsiders wishing to understand the American Immigration ”Debate”. I strongly recommend the comment thread:


Muslim mass immigration is not going to solve these problem, mobius. Rather, they will — through sheer numbers — increase incidents and discontent dramatically.

Who are you to pretend that you are going to change the views of everyone through aggressive, ostensibly universalist, pushy, ivory tower constructed, almost unilateral Jewish-preferred domestic policy? No wonder you are so offended.


how many Christians in America have committed acts of religiously- or politically-motivated violence? Take a look at the stats on anti-abortion violence. They make the threat of Islamic terrorism in the U.S. look practically irrelevant…I reject your characterization of HIAS' work as "aggressive, ostensibly universalist, pushy, ivory tower constructed, almost unilateral Jewish-preferred domestic policy."


please note the difference in percentage of the population. Do I really need to explain this to you?...

Look more carefully...did HIAS lead (on the issue of immigration) Jewish organizational community used all its muscle with Progress By Pesach and the Holocaust as a cudgel (would the mainstream Jewish community EVER do such thing? Misuse the Holocaust for preferred policy?!? No way!) behind closed doors? Hmm...let's look at the AJC files from this past spring: …The Jews are at the forefront of Hate Crimes (see that Forward link) and immigration. All I am asking is for the Jewish Left to stop subverting the will of the American people on this one. They don't want mass immigration, least of all of Muslims.

Consistently one is amazed by the reasonable nature of The Kvetcher. Where did he learn this? Is he related to Paul Gottfried?

Unfortunately the anti-Christian/Nation animosity of mobius1ski is more typically what patriots have to deal with

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