The Kvetcher: A Daniel come to Judgement! (2)
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Our friend The Kvetcher has posted some remarkable items on his blog, but nothing more impressive than his latest.

As I noted yesterday, having thumped HIAS at the end of last month, on Wednesday he turned his attention to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

What does this say about the ADL? attracted to its comments thread a poster called Denise, a self-described ”WN” (White Nationalist). "Denise" is highly articulate and knows her arguments (spelling, not so much). There ensued what might be politely described as a frank, vigorous, and not particularly friendly discussion.

The Kvetcher then did an astonishing thing. In The horror of it all Feb 12, 2010 he observes that he sympathizes with a large portion of Denise’s complaint!

when you get beneath the fantasy, the conspiracy, and all the revisionist nonsense that is tolerated in so many WN circles, their actual demands are still more reasonable than the insatiable demands of a radical Jewish organization like the ADL….

What does the ADL really want? The ADL just wants to…scream at people and call them names. ..yell, scream, tantrum, restrict, disenfranchise…That is their mission.

What is Denise’s stated goals? What are the policies she (and others) would like changed?

Even WN — all we want is to be LEFT ALONE. And to stop being forced to pay for every-one else, via ”Hate Speech Laws” (As a person of Celtic descent — I REALLY REALLY REALLY hate being told what I can and cannot say. As an American — this is a direct violation of my beloved First Amendment), and confiscatory taxation, and Affirmative Action/displace Whitey policies.

The sad truth of the matter is that even some of the Holocaust-denying, conspiracy theorist, revisionist, Jew-hating people are often still more reasonable in their stated mission than the ADL is.

The ADL is that bad. And they speak in our name.

A Daniel come to Judgement!

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