The Incredible Cluelessness Of Mitt Romney
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A Nevada reader at Larry Auster's site reports thus:

I support Romney. I support him because he cannot be worse than Obama and because he strikes me as an honest, capable person, possibly the best person as a person we’ve had in the office in a long time. But I took my son to attend a rally today in Henderson, Nevada. The place was packed. The event was scheduled to start at 11:45 but did not because of the thousands of people who came. There was more security at this event than at our consulate in Benghazi.

Finally, someone came out to introduce Paul Ryan. Who was it? A local politician running for office? No, it was the female Hispanic CEO of a recycling company with the unlikely last name of Olson. In her heavily accented English, she tried to give a rousing speech to the overwhelmingly white audience. Among other things, she told us that Romney would create “opportunities for minorities” and “fix our broken immigration system”—code for amnesty. I don’t dare try to render her speech phonetically.

The audience members near me were shocked and stunned. And insulted.

After that jarring beginning Ryan came out and hoarsely delivered his stump speech, followed by an energetic Romney.

My point is that conservatives will have to mobilize strongly to move Romney on important issues. While Obama was worse, Romney must be pushed into doing the right things.

Draw your own conclusions.



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