The Ideal NFL IQ
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From a 1998 Sports Illustrated article about veteran NFL coach Bill Parcells:

Another thing about a Parcells player: He can't be too dumb or too smart. Dumb players make dumb plays, and Parcells has no tolerance for those. But smart players question his motivational gimmicks and techniques, and Parcells doesn't brook too much questioning. "Bill treats players as if they've got an IQ of about 95," says one observer who has watched Parcells up close but who doesn't want to be identified in any other way. "You can't have a 70 IQ, and you can't have a 120. Of course, there are smart guys who figure it out and go the blue-collar, don't-question-me route, like [QB Phil] Simms." [QB Jeff] Hostetler, who is known as a smart guy, says, "I'd say that's an accurate perception."
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