Seattle: Social Justice Pander-Fest Warms Up
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The city that prides itself having a statue of Lenin has advanced more forcefully into the social justice arena by turning the principle of equality under the law on its head. The blindfolded figure of Justice holding a scale represents the foundational idea that Seattle rejects.

Seattle thinks it knows better and wants to improve the system by instituting social justice, the multicultural idea that minorities are victims and need to be protected from the fair application of law enforcement. The city thinks there is institutional racism which shows up in more minorities being imprisoned and such.

Seattle particularly wants to help out immigrants and illegal aliens. It believes that illegal aliens should get less imprisonment for crimes so they won’t be deported by federal authorities.

So white people should receive the full punishment the law allows, while illegal aliens get cut slack for the same infraction. That’s the social justice formulation and is a way to celebrate diversity.

This controversy has been brewing up for a couple months, with the pot being stirred by a police newsletter article titled ”Just Shut Up and Be a Good Little Socialist” by Officer Steve Pomper. (He has a website,

The controversy burbled up to Fox News today:

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