The Hunts for the Great ...
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A reader writes:

One day, you should compile all the ongoing Ponce de Leon like quests in contemporary America:
1) The Great White Defendant 2) The Great Bright Illegal 3) The Magic Bullet To Close The Achievement Gap (or Home Ownership Gap or Firefighter Test Scores Gap) 4) The Great Moderate Muslim (I guess this one's more of an international scope) or Democracy Loving Islamic Nations That Love Us Back 5) The Great Black Quarterback 6) The Great Republican African-American 7) The Great Gay Male Athlete (in sports people care about) or The Great Gay Soldier [recent — there are a lot of them from awhile ago] 8) The Incredible Latino Supervote (as you once called it) 9) The Great Female Movie Director [or cinematographer — I campaigned for Mandy Walker to become the first woman to get an Oscar nomination for Best Cinematography for Baz Luhrman's Australia but the insensitive sexists in Hollywood didn't listen to me] 10) Green Jobs, Shovel Ready Jobs
And I'm sure there are dozens more.  You've talked about all these things extensively, but I'm not sure if you've ever threaded what these narratives have in common in a single post.  Or make them chapters for your next book, The Essential Steve Sailer Reader... Just an idea!
BTW, I've started compiling a list of dangerous flash mobs here: just to see how many I could find.  I don't know if the country (and specifically certain groups) are becoming more undisciplined or if this behavior has always existed but technology is just making it easier while capturing the crimes on camera.

It seems like the kind of the thing that technology makes possible and that technology eventually also takes away—somewhere in the phone company archives, there are text messages incriminating organizers.

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