The Horrors Of Diversity—"Police: Infant's Body Found Inside Brooklyn Brothel"
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The horrors of diversity. And you'll notice that it's the victim, not the accused, who's referred to as a Mexican immigrant. Video at the link.
Police: Infant's Body Found Inside Brooklyn Brothel

By: NY1

Updated 11/26/2009 02:46 PM Police in Brooklyn say the body of an infant was discovered Wednesday inside the home of a couple accused of running a brothel.

Investigators raided the Sunset Park home where they discovered the remains of a baby entombed in a tub of concrete.

Police believe the body is that of an infant son belonging to an enslaved prostitute.

Domingo Salazar and his wife, Norma Mendez were arrested and charged with sex trafficking.

Prosecutors say the two forced a Mexican immigrant to work as a prostitute and that she was beaten frequently by her captors.

"She looked like she was distraught and she was always to herself, never talking to anyone, so I didn't even know that she had a baby," said one neighbor.

"I know her story, but it's crazy, I mean I'm still shocked, thinking about it, you know? And it's weird because you don't hear this around this block, this is a calm, quiet block," said another neighbor.

Investigators believe Salazar and Mendez forced other undocumented immigrant women into prostitution.

The two are being held in federal custody without bail and face 15 years to life in prison if convicted.

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