Diversity is Strength...It's Also Rapacious Store Clerks
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Massachusetts has a large number of Brazilian immigrants, and local elites often speak favorably of them.  They are the"good Hispanics" (even though as Portuguese-speakers, they are not exactly Hispanic).  Still, Brazilians are largely unskilled and do mostly menial labor.  At any rate, I always try to tell people that we have no idea of what kind of lives these immigrants led in their home countries before coming here.  We simply don't know how decent or indecent they may be.

For example, a mother and son were recently out shopping at a JC Penney in Sturbridge, MA.  The mother sends her little boy into the dressing room to try on clothes.   So far, it's pretty common childhood experience for most people.

Only this time, a Brazilian immigrant who worked as a store clerk is alleged  to have followed the boy into the changing stall and raped him.  In central Massachusetts, it's almost a sure bet that the young boy was white.

According to the Worcester Telegram, the alleged rapist, Francisco Wellington Barros Gomes has only been in the country ten months, but has been married to an American citizen for two years (Sound fishy to you?). [Suspect admits touching child | Rape alleged in dressing room, By Brian Lee, November 26, 2009]

Somehow, I don't think this incident is going to make it into Jeff Jacoby's next immigration puff piece in the Boston Globe.  Ask JC Penney why they hire immigrant sex offenders to work in their stores?


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