The Great Hispanic Hope: Eric Garcetti
January 03, 2013, 03:12 PM
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Isn`t great that we no longer live in the Mad Men era when political leaders had to be Don Draper-lookalikes? Finally, in this age of diversity, we can have leaders who look like the new, rising America! Just because Eric Garcetti doesn`t look like the man in the Arrow Shirt ad shouldn`t keep the Silver Lake Democrat from becoming mayor of Los Angeles. From the Los Angeles Times:

Eric Garcetti invokes Latino-Jewish ancestry in mayor`s race

... A top contender to succeed Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Garcetti prides himself on his ease with the city`s diverse cultures. He sees his mixed ancestry ("I have an Italian last name, and I`m half Mexican and half Jewish," he says) as a powerful part of his appeal in a city where voters for decades have split along racial and ethnic lines in mayoral elections.


But as the campaign begins to capture public attention, a big question is whether Garcetti can re-create the surge of Latino support that helped secure Villaraigosa`s historic election eight years ago as the first Latino mayor of modern Los Angeles.

Garcetti has always stood by his raza. Kevin Roderick writes:

While at Oxford [in 1994], Garcetti phoned Times columnist George Ramos with the scoop that he was leading a student hunger strike to protest California`s passage of Proposition 187, the measure intended to cut off most public services for illegal immigrants. As a fourth-generation Angeleno of Mexican heritage, Garcetti said he felt compelled to make a transatlantic statement of solidarity.

Eric Garcetti grew up on the mean streets of Encino, in the barrio of Brentwood, and in the broken-down classrooms of the Harvard-Westlake School. His father (right) was a lowly two-term Los Angeles County District Attorney who did such a bang-up job prosecuting O.J. His grandfather had to scrape by owning a national menswear corporation.

The only more authentic Mexican-Americans in Los Angeles are the Weitz Brothers.