The Gifford shootings: What the Left wants
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Around Sunday lunchtime, just as the MSM lynch mob assembling to tamper with Jared Taylor’s Civil Rights was at its most unruly, Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic published an extraordinarily sane piece: Is Arizona About Politics or Mental Illness? Jan 9 2011, 12:25 PM ET

It seems fairly obvious so far that the terrible massacre in Arizona is less about Tea Party politics and more about mental illness, and how the mentally ill gain possession of handguns.

Goldberg goes on to raise what is really the key issue uncovered by the MSM handling of the Giffords atrocity:

Imagine if the Ft. Hood shooting had been covered the same way as the Giffords shooting? During Ft. Hood, commentators and politicians were falling over themselves to preemptively announce that Nidal Hasan's religious faith had nothing to do with the shooting. In the Arizona case, people are falling over themselves to announce that this has everything to do with the Tea Party.

Imagine indeed. The response to the Foot Hood shootings exposed fanatical determination to ignore the risks of diversity, specifically caused by Muslims.

The response to the Giffords shootings exposes the lusting on the Left to eliminate Free Speech.

They are serious about this.

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