The Galleon/Rajaratnam Trial: MSM Spin Doctor Alert!
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Today the Insider Trading trial of Hedge Fund boss Raj Rajaratnam started. Top MSM spin doctors will have been deployed.

Rajaratnam Criminal Trial Begins With Jury Selection in Manhattan Court By Patricia Hurtado, Bob Van Voris and David Glovin Bloomberg mar 8, 2011

The Rajarantam case is a big problem for the MSM. The accused is an immigrant (from Sri Lanka), a man of color, and a big Democratic donor.

To take matters worse, a new conspirator was announced last week: Rajat Gupta, a former Goldman Sachs board member who was born in Calcutta. What the Tapes Mean for the Insider Trading Case Against Rajat Gupta By John Carney Tuesday 8 March 2011

Damage control has already begun as I noted in Galleon Insider Trading: Those Blue-eyed Blondes, again, which dealt with a peculiar Bloomberg effort to focus on one of the few accused who is not from the Indian Subcontinent, or Jewish.

But ultimately is will be hard to camouflage one the strangest (and most important) developments in modern America, which I addressed in Hedge Find Galleon’s Wall Street: Minority Occupied Territory.

Or the corollary, as I discussed in Bring in Indians: Get Curry Smells

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