The Future Of The Democratic Party: Somalians In Minnesota And Their Riotous "Passion For Democracy"
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Awhile ago I mentioned that Minnesota legislator Phyllis Kahn had once introduced a bill to legalize cousin marriage in the Gopher State to please her growing number of Somali constituents. But that hasn't kept the Somalis wholly content with the veteran politician of the Democratic Farm-Labor party (as the Democrats are known in Minnesota).

Having solved all political problems in their home country (countries? federation? state-free libertarian utopias?), the Somalis have deigned to bestow some of their genius for political order upon the hopelessly nondiverse Minnesotans. So, now Ms. Kahn is being challenged for the Democratic nomination by fellow Democrat Mohamud Noor of the Minneapolis school board.The Future Of The Democratic Party: Somalians In Minnesota And Their Riotous "Passion For Democracy"At a DFL caucus earlier this month, matters got a little heated between Somalis supporting the incumbent and the challenger, and the brawl (or, as it's known back home in Mogadishu, the normal state of daily life) led to the caucus being shut down. From Hirsaan Online:

Greg Oliver, DFL chair of the Senate district, said he didn’t know which side broke the agreement, since much of the argument was in Somali.
“All I know is at some point they started to scream at each other and I was in the middle,” Oliver said.
Even the registration desk was a chaotic scene, requiring Oliver to tell several Noor supporters from Brooklyn Park that they could caucus only in their home precinct. ...
“You have to be impressed with their passion for democracy,” said Oliver ...
This may suggest that the future of the Democratic Party is not as trouble-free as Democrat proponents of electing a new people have long assumed. Fortunately, evil white men will no doubt be around for still some time to provide Democrats with hate objects to rally around against.
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