The (English) Sleeper Awakes!
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Two years ago I wrote an article expressing my dismay to see the English people somnambulate off the cliff of passive surrender to hostile Islam:
Britain: Where Are the Minutemen… Er, Home Guard?:

Observing the meltdown of the Anglosphere’s cultural hearth over the last few years has been a painful experience, as Britain marches off a cliff toward self-inflicted cultural oblivion. The place has an alarming number of Muslims who openly declaretheir intention to conquer by demographic means and establish a beachhead sharia-stan in Europe. Yet the British people are not reacting to the threat.

But the appearance of the English Defense League is a hopeful indication of the human power to resist the tyranny of political correctness and liberal mind rot generally. EDL is a grassroots bunch that fights back against the Muslim demographic invasion-by-immigration, which becomes more brazen every day.

Hey, Muslims are already a majority – on Scotland Yard’s Most Wanted List.

KitmanTV (a fine blog featuring counter-jihad and historical documentaries) has produced a spot announcing an upcoming EDL demo, with some reminders of why saving western civilization from Islam is the most important thing we can do today:

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