"The Difference Myth"
November 07, 2007, 04:21 PM
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From the Boston Globe:

The difference myth

We shouldn`t believe the increasingly popular claims that boys and girls think differently, learn differently, and need to be treated differently

Here`s my favorite line in the article:

Scientists have turned up some intriguing findings of anatomical differences between the sexes.

Who would have imagined it? It`s amazing what science can accomplish!

Here`s my favorite comment from Boston Globe reader Aging Cynic:

Anyone who goes within a mile of this subject in Boston is toast. Ask Larry Summers. If the "progressive" echo chamber wants me to nod my head, they can make me do it. (They can`t make me like it, however). This issue is so over. I understand when people won`t take "no" for an answer. Why won`t they now take "yes"? Do I need to be REEEALLY sincere?