If Illegal Immigrants Get Administrative Amnesty, Why Not Income Tax Payers? (H/T, Mark Krikorian)
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Fresh from risking the wrath of the GOP Establishment minions at National Review by publishing a devastating negative assessment of Rick Perry’s immigration record, Mark Krikorian has performed another great public service by placing a lucid discussion of the Obama Administrative Amnesty Coup D’état in The National Interest  Obama's Immigration Fiat September 8, 2011

"The Obama administration is working diligently …to ensure that no illegal immigrant, ever, is removed from the United States solely for being an illegal immigrant. Rather, only those illegal immigrants guilty of some additional crime—and a "serious" crime, at that—should be deported.

This is the equivalent of the Internal Revenue Service announcing that ordinary citizens who fail to pay their taxes would suffer no consequences because the IRS would pursue only those who commit additional crimes, such as drug dealing or terrorism."

 I am tempted to suggest the triggering event for IRS enforcement should rather be envisaged as being a Republican. After all, being a felon ends the political utility of these undocumented Democrats. Politics is what this is all about.

 Krikorian elegantly demonstrates that the Obamacrat goal has always been 

"...that all illegal immigrants must be permitted to remain here unmolested until they commit some additional, non-immigration-related offense."

pointing out

"…in June of this year, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued a memo encouraging field agents to exercise "prosecutorial discretion" in considering which aliens to arrest—a thinly veiled order not to arrest illegal immigrants meeting any of various criteria…the first several criteria listed covered those who would have been eligible for the DREAM Act amnesty… Congress rejected the DREAM Act and here, critics said, the administration was simply enacting it by fiat.

The critics were right; the administration had committed what can only be described as a lawless act. But obscured by the debate over the de facto implementation of the DREAM Act were the other criteria in the memo which effectively ensured that all illegal immigrants would be exempt from deportation until they had killed someone or committed some other violent crime."

He also crushingly refutes the key Obama Administration lie on the question:

"…administration spokesmen have argued that they have limited resources and must prioritize among so many illegal aliens, and the most dangerous should be first in line for removal. The problem with this claim is that this administration is the first in a long time not to request additional deportation funding—in other words, it's pleading poverty, but a poverty of its own making."

(VDARE.com emphasis) 

and the myth of the law-abiding illegal immigrant: 

"…two-thirds of the illegal population snuck across the border, which is a crime; the other third overstayed their visas, which is merely a civil infraction, like a traffic ticket. But both visa overstayers and border-jumpers commit identity fraud and identity theft, perjury (if they submitted false information for employment), tax fraud, false claims of U.S. citizenship, failure to register for the draft, various kinds of conspiracy and so on. In the end, almost every illegal alien has committed multiple felonies."

 A fine piece of work. But like the Perry denunciation, it sort of trails off. Maybe, at The National Interest as well NRO, it is bad manners to ask


Or name the necessary solution.

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