"The Daily Mail" on Arthur Jensen
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The most obvious impression a fair-minded observer derives from a sustained exposure to the work of the late Arthur R. Jensen (1923-2012), professor of psychology at Berkeley, is that Dr. Jensen was a man of the highest distinction, not just scientifically, but also morally. 

Not surprisingly, this often drove the less, shall we say, morally distinguished into paroxysms of rage. From the Daily Mail:

Daily Mail (London) 

September 17, 1999 | Copyright


TODAY, American eugenics professor Arthur Jensen addresses a gathering of academics in London. The Daily Mail does not agree with his views on intelligence indeed, we profoundly disagree with them. However, we feel that open debate is the best way of establishing the truth and that our readers are quite capable of drawing their own conclusions. 

FOR three decades, Professor Arthur Jensen has lived in the shadow of death and violence. 

It is difficult, however, to feel sorrow for him. In Australia, he was extricated from a baying mob by 100 police officers. 

In Germany, warnings were issued that if he were allowed to lecture he might not leave the stage alive. 

On his own university campus, at Berkeley, California, he was, at the height of his vilification, protected against those who threatened to kill him by armed bodyguards. 

His car tyres were slashed and his door was sprayed with swastikas by his own students, who gathered in the corridor to hiss as he walked by. 

This week, to little fanfare, the world's most demonised scientist arrived in London, where he once learned his theories and where he will deliver the keynote address today at a conference devoted to eugenics, or the enhancement of the human race. 

To his supporters, Jensen - an Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology possesses one of the finest scientific minds of our time, worthy of a Nobel Prize. 

To his countless opponents, of whom President Bill Clinton is one, he is a dabbler in the unthinkable.

Sadly, the world will never be treated to a Jensen - Clinton debate .


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