The "Courage" Of William Saletan
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In April, I wondered aloud why leftist weenies seem so full of hate for white and particularly conservative males. In other words, they hate the normal. Might it be, I asked, recognition of their own emasculation at the hands of overbearing feminists?

Back then, I pointed to Vox’s Dylan Matthews as a guy who obviously couldn't hold on to his lunch money in grade school.

Take a look at Slate's resident weenie, William Saletan, in this photo featured in the front-page teaser for a piece at Newsbusters. As with Matthews, it appears as if a spider, or maybe Lena Dunham, sucked him dry.

From the safety of his nest, Slate's weenie writes that Sen. Ted Cruz is a "passionate indefatigable liar."[The Real Ted Cruz, January 10, 2016]

I doubt that is true, yet whatever one thinks of Cruz, he is a healthy, commanding fellow.

Would Saletan [Email him] say that to his face? Do these laptop duelists at Slate, Salon and other leftist sites have the stones to say the things they say about conservatives the price might be getting punched in the face?

I don't think so.

They know they will pay no price for insulting Christians and conservatives, unlike the very heavy price they might pay for insulting Muslims.

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