The Christian Christmas Lady Says Comcast Cable Services Refuses To Play Traditional Carols
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Reader B.J. Verner, (e-mail) also known as the Christian Christmas Lady and the author of "101 Ways to Have a Christian Christmas" reports that Comcast Cable Services[Contact them] has gone politically correct.

Each year 96 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas.
It is one of the most unifying Americans rituals that we practice. All of us have our personal Christmas Advent rituals. One of my favorite for years has been to turn on the Comcast Cable Services community announcements to have the Christmas music as a backdrop to my Advent activities. In Chicago Heights the community bulletin board is on Channel 4.
I usually have it on most of the day while I do Christmas decorating, Christmas cooking, or when friends are over. Comcast played all kinds of Christmas music—carols, ditties, pop Christmas classics. Their offering usually runs the gamut of the thousands of Christmas songs and instrumentals that are representative of our American culture.
However this year, to my stunned surprise, it is December 21th and no Christmas music on the Comcast Cable Services community bulletin board. They have Christmas announcements from churches and community organizations and green and red messages from the Chicago Heights Mayor's office—but no Christmas music. They are playing progressive jazz! They could at least play progressive jazz Christmas tunes. I am wondering if this is only local, could it be that Comcast has nixed Christmas across its national system?
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