The Chinese Don't View Chinese-Americans As Chinese Or Americans—Because To China, America Is A White Country
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Chinese don't like Bananas.

No, not the fruit, the deracinated diaspora Chinese who come back to the homeland.  In two stories, both official China and popular China have concerns about Chinese-Americans who just don't fit it. While official China's concerns are obvious, the other China's reaction is interesting as well.  And it is all about Gary Locke, first Chinese-American ambassador to China.  And he was not chosen for his Americanism, but his closeness to China and support for illegal immigration via tourist visas.

First, official China.

NYT, February 28, 2014 By Michael Forsythe 
A Parting Shot at U.S. Ambassador, Inspired by Mao 

Chinese-American Ambassador To China Gary LockeThe departing United States ambassador, Gary F. Locke, gave a farewell news conference in Beijing on Thursday, at which he praised the deepening economic ties between the world’s two biggest economies and urged China and Japan to cool down escalating tensions over a territorial dispute.

His carefully chosen words were not well received by the state-run China News Service. Following Mr. Locke’s remarks, it published a scathing review of his tenure modeled after a famous August 1949 essay by Mao Zedong, “Farewell, Leighton Stuart,’’ slamming the last American ambassador under the collapsing Nationalist government in Nanjing.

“Farewell, Gary Locke’’ departs from the almost wonkish critique of United States foreign policy offered up by Mao, opting instead for an extended comparison of Mr. Locke, a Chinese-American, to a banana.

 “Gary Locke is a U.S.-born, third-generation Chinese-American, and his being a banana — ‘yellow skin and white heart’ — became an advantage for Obama’s foreign policy,’’ opened the commentary, written by a person identified as Wang Ping. (Many Asian-Americans consider “banana” an offensive term.) [More]

The irony.  Racist Chinese don't like anyone who is different.  More ironic is that the choice of Gary Locke was an attempt by the Obama Regime to kowtow to China and signal Obama's consent to China's renewed imperial ambitions.  It was also a swipe at white America, announcing the rise of Asian-American politicians who would assist with Obama's dismantling of America as a world military power.  

The Obama Regime has helped China towards its ambition to militarily dominate Asia by slashing the US military budget, just as the Regime has opened up the world to radical Islam by embracing both Sunni and Shi'a radicals; supporting the clerical regime in Iran, overthrowing Mubarak, and funding Islamists in Syria.  It appears that Chinese have read Obama well though, like Putin, they hit the "reset" button and used it to their advantage.  

Of course, that was Obama's plan all along, it is just that the Chinese, and Putin, just thought Obama was a fool, and did not realize that Gary Locke was both the message and the messenger.  Sending a Chinese-American to China was to be a reset.  However, Locke was much too white for the Chinese despite his leftism and contempt for white America.  He was insufficiently Chinese and apparently not a Chinese speaker, like San Francisco Mayor Mayor Ed Lee, a true toady of Red China.  

However, Locke did not just work out in China.  His and the Regime's subservience to Red China was apparently insufficient, or the Chinese just expected more and faster from the Regime, overestimating the ability of the Regime to quietly consent to China's rise.

Which brings us to the popular reaction to Asian-Americans or Chinese Americans in China. Apparently they perplex the Chinese.  Which is no surprise.  The standard for Americans in China is white.  Just as it is all over the world.  Just as Africans have nothing but contempt for black Americans, the Chinese prefer their Americans white.

MailOnline, March 21, 2014 by David Martosko 
Beijing Hotel Workers Already 'Fed Up' With Obama Entourage In 3400-Square-Foot, $8,350-Per-Night Suite Inconveniencing 'Pretty Much Everyone' – And The First Lady's Mother Is 'Barking At The Staff' 
Government security forces from both China and the U.S. started Thursday to screen everyone who entered the building, including paying guests, setting up checkpoints that resemble those at airline concourse entrances. 
The Secret Service's monopoly on the hotel's highest floors has meant the Westin had to boot guests with previous reservations out of their executive-level rooms. 
Secret Service agents are also monopolizing hotel elevators long before the Obamas need them, added the staffer, who identified himself as a member of the concierge staff and spoke English during a phone call on Friday. 
'Many of them are Asian, too, or Americans who are Asian, so you know our guests don't understand.'

An Asian-American Secret Service AgentThe Mail claims that Asian-American Secret Service agents were specifically assigned to this trip, which is highly unusual, as the agents who travel with Michelle Obama are the agents on her permanent protective detail, or at least supposed to be.  However, such an occurrence is not beyond the Regime, which has obviously assigned black agents to Barack Obama's permanent detail.  

But, as usual, this has backfired on the Regime, as the Chinese just don't see Asians or Chinese as Americans. White is the standard for American for the Chinese.  

There is no reset button for this.  Race is real, very real in China.

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