The British Labour Party's Candidate of the Future Has Arrived
July 20, 2018, 10:31 AM
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Screenshot 2018-07-20 00.22.19 From The Guardian:

Labour plans radical selection overhaul including all BAME shortlists

“BAME” stands for Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic.

The whole article is pretty incomprehensible to my American eyes but I think it means the British Labour Party is going pretty heavily for quotas in picking candidates.

Exclusive: ‘Democracy review’ aims for diversity but causes concerns about deselections

The only concern apparently is that some current white Labour office holders might eventually get the boot. Nobody cares about future whites who want to run for office under the Labour banner.

But the picture (to the right) accompanying the Guardian article suggests that Labour may have in its ranks already the perfect Candidate of the Future, checking all 57 boxes for gender, race, and species.

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