The Border Patrol Tactical Officers Who Took Down The Uvalde Shooter May Get A Medal
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Not all the Patrol Agents who responded to the Uvalde shooting have been named. Agents are worried about being doxed in this day and age.  Their names may be revealed later since they will be eligible for Newton-Azrak awards, the Border Patrol's equivalent of a Congressional Medal of Honor.

However, like the Navy SEALs who played date maker with Osama Bin Laden and his 72 virgins, the Agents may decide to come forward later.  One of them, Jacob Albarado, who was off-duty and borrowed a barber's shotgun, has appeared on television.

They say that in sports, if your favorite team wins a big game, you get a sort of contact high cheering for them.  I cannot deny it, I'm very proud of the BORTAC (and one BORSTAR) Agents who gave Ramos an Expedited Removal to hell.  Ramos has joined an exclusive club of other murderers who received additional orifices courtesy of the U.S. Border Patrol like Carl Drega who murdered two New Hampshire State Troopers, a judge and a newspaper editor while on a rampage. 

The Border Patrol Agent who took him out used an M-14, which I find surprising.  I have never seen an M-14 in a Border Patrol armory before.  I almost wonder if that was the Agent's personal weapon.  And who could forget Richard Matt?

Matt was a convicted murderer who escaped from the Clinton Correctional facility (the prison's name would seem appropriate if a former presidential candidate was inside it).  Border Patrol was sent to investigate a cabin that was broken into and Matt fired at them with a 20 gauge shotgun.  That was the last thing he ever did.  

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