The Best Part of the College Admissions Cheating Scandal: Fake Pole Vaulters
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From the New York Times:

Elisabeth Kimmel, the owner of a media company, used Mr. Singer’s services twice, first for her daughter in 2012 and then for her son in 2017, according to the documents. Her daughter attended Georgetown as a purported tennis recruit, and her son was accepted to the University of Southern California as a track-and-field pole-vaulter.

USC traditionally has a strong track & field team. The Trojan women won the NCAA last year and the Trojan men came in 4th, so it’s surprising that anybody could get away with this for long.

And a fake pole-vaulter? I could imagine faking being a tennis player, but a fake pole-vaulter? What if they corner you and you feel you have to try it?

But he was caught off guard during orientation.

This could be a scene in an update of Rodney Dangerfield’s “Back to School” in which he gets his poor kid into college as a phony pole-vaulter and then the uncoordinated kid has to go out on the track and practically impale himself on the pole trying to clear his usual 17 feet:

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