The Baltimore Riots In A Single Video From RUSSIA TODAY: Female Russian Reporter Attacked
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Russia Today ( is an interesting exception to the Main Stream Media, because they will host guests and discuss topics no one else will.  However, 9 times out of 10, even RT will recycle the usual narrative of America as a fascist, racist, ultra-super-extreme-xenophobic right wing police state.  And RT coverage of riots usually recycles the same narrative on issues like Ferguson, Trayvon Martin, or in this case, the Baltimore riots taking place.

Here, we see a female RT reporter videoing some vibrant specimens of diversity around 15:30.  It ends as you might expect, with a theft.  In the end, the reporter ends up crying to the police to rush to her rescue.[RT Reporter Culturally Enriched By Baltimore Youths—Enrichment Begins At 15:00]

Here are two screenshots:


The video is also an interesting window into the mindset of the rioters honoring "their man, Freddie G."

Is it really responsible for the MSM (and the Obama Administration) to be lecturing such people that the police have no other purpose but to "kill them" and that violent retribution is justified?

Incidentally, reports are that this was up on RT for a short time, but then was taken down.  Doesn't fit the Narrative and all.

But see

Unrest in Baltimore as thousands protest Freddie Gray’s death,

Published time: April 25, 2015 22:49

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