The Amnesty For Criminal Aliens
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Despite claims that the ongoing Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty does not include criminal aliens, in fact, criminal aliens, in one way or another, will benefit.

A story from New York is an example. An illegal alien, here an unknown amount of time, was convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend, and her current boyfriend. He has since been released, but in a desultory manner, placed in removal proceedings. Clearly this criminal alien, released into the community, but still in removal proceedings is not a high priority for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO).

ERO is required by law to hold criminal aliens, but Congress, including the current allegedly Republican Congress, the same one that has still yet to defund Obamacare, has not appropriated monies necessary to hold all criminal aliens. We don't know if this is the case in the current controversy, but we also know that the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty has in the past been extended to criminals, for example Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Sandoval or Edwin Ramos, among other less violent criminals, such as student visa fraudsters.

The question is whether our current illegal alien criminal in Long Island will meet ICE's "priorities" for removal according to the infamous “prosecutorial discretion memo” [PDF]:

II. Criteria for Review

The following removal cases are enforcement priorities for the Department of Homeland Security and should generally be pursued in an accelerated manner before EOIR. These cases involve an alien-

• who is a suspected terrorist or national security risk;

• who has a conviction for -

• a felony or multiple misdemeanors,

• illegal entry, re-entry, or immigration fraud, or

• a misdemeanor violation involving-

• violence, threats, or assault,

• sexual abuse or exploitation,

• driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs,

• flight from the scene of an accident,

• drug distribution or trafficking, or

• other significant threat to public safety;

• who is a gang member, human rights violator, or other clear threat to public safety;

• who entered the country illegally or violated the terms of their admission within the last three years;

• who has previously been removed from the country;

• who has been found by an immigration officer or immigration judge to have committed immigration fraud; or

• who otherwise has an egregious record of immigration violations.

A cursory review would tell us that someone with a two year time in the State pen would be a candidate for custody and removal. However, it appears that our violent Don Juan has been released. This tells us that he might have won the Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Sandoval Criminal Amnesty.[See Man Who Shot At Deputies Should Have Been Deported] And since criminal aliens are also supposed to be held in custody, the likelihood of a criminal amnesty in this case is highly likely. No custody means ICE ERO isn't serious about this criminal alien. Just as it isn't interested in the fraud aspect of the UNV and Tri-Valley University criminals.

Oh, as an aside, ICE is backing off on other fraudulent universities, such as Northwestern Polytechnic University, throughout the U.S. after complaints from the Indian Ambassador and influence peddling by Hillary Rodham Clintong. Which violates one of the alleged priorities of ICE, immigration fraud.

So, it does not look good for these American victims of illegal alien crime. They could be the next murder victim of illegal aliens, as in the case of Santana Gaona.

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