The African Population Bomb: This, Too, Shall Pass
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Commenter Chang observes in reference to the UN’s prediction of the population of Africa quadrupling in this century to four billion and the accompanying demands that Europe lie back passively and try to enjoy being overrun by the billions of future Africans:

This population explosion in Africa is – possibly — the last big population boom. So any country that remain intact ethnically during that, has a good chance of remaining intact … indefinitely.

But for the next 50 years Africa is gonna be bursting at the seams and spewing out a constant stream of black people to colonize the world.

So, the future is hardly hopeless in the long term, we just have to avoid irrevocably messing up the future of the human race in the short term through political correctness making us stupid.

And we already know what works to bring down the irresponsible, unsustainable rates of breeding we currently see in much of Africa: family planning, education for girls, don’t invade the world, don’t invite the world, that sort of thing: basic sensible responsibility.

Instead, Europeans are told that they must subsidize the Boko Haramization of Africa by taking off the hands of Africa all the surplus Africans generated by backward ideologies in Africa, thus generating more backward ideologies and more people bearing those backward ideologies to then impose them upon Europe.

That’s the stupidest, most easily avoidable path to self-destruction ever. And yet it seems to be the one we’re on.

Hence, it would be an incredible tort against the future of the human race to allow the Africanization of the planet over the next few decades out of worries of being accused of racism.

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