Thanks, With Qualifications, Gov. Brewer
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Since I'd sent an email to Arizona's Gov. Jan Brewer urging her to sign SB1070, making the point that the bill was important to citizens countrywide, I thought it it appropriate to send her a follow-up thank-you note, even though the chance she'll see it is, presumably, slim.

But first I read her statement that went with her signing and noticed this:

While protecting our citizens is paramount, it cannot come at the expense of the diversity that has made Arizona so great.

That's unsurprising boilerplate, but annoying, nonetheless. So I made a point about it in my note, in hopes that it'll at least make a few brain cells flash in one of her staffers if the governor herself doesn't see it:

Dear Gov. Brewer,

I'm absolutely sure that legions of citizens in states across the country are pleased — and relieved, because you certainly took your time — that you signed SB1070 into law. Americans have, similarly, legions of reasons to be cynical about our political class, of which you are a member. Your significant action Friday will make an inroad — a small inroad — against that cynicism. So thank you!

I've read your speech attendant to your signing. The kind of "diversity" that you and so many other prominent people are enthused about is actually not a strength but a great weakness. Around the world, ethnic groups routinely clash with each other simply because of such ineradicable differences, and America is not so special as to be immune to this.

You've clearly seen this in just these last weeks in the aggressive demands from Hispanic groups that U.S. law not apply to their co-ethnics who are illegal aliens. Now you need to think about what you've seen

Paul Nachman
Bozeman, Montana

If you want to send Gov. Brewer a message, the form to use is at this link.

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